Doily Cooks – Polentaphobia

While I’m not sure this is yet an officially recognised fear, I have long suffered from an unhealthy fear of polenta. Having never been entirely certain what it was made from, the first time I went to search it out I only discovered a pre-made version – a weird, squidgy, cheese-like lump in a vacuum pack – and I couldn’t for the life of me work out how it could be made to taste yummy.

Silly me.

Today, I embraced my fear. I went a-hunting and found polenta FLOUR. Not the squidgy stuff of past culinary nightmares, but flour! Suddenly it all clicked, and I thought of all those recipes with polenta in the title that I had skimmed over.  Having wasted enough time ignoring such recipes, I looked through my cookery books and found something called a ‘lemony polenta cake’. Oh boy, is it lemony. And delish. And not at all squidgy.

Apparently, there are also savoury polenta recipes. I’ll just work through all the cake ones first.


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